Share Your Lustiest, Dirtiest Moments With The Entire World

Published November 9, 2017 by Mihail

Being in love with someone is amazing. You get to share so much and experience all sorts of things together, but the most important part is that you become intimate to the point where your partner knows your body as well as you do and vice versa. After being in a steady relationship for about two years, the sex sort of started tapering off. Every time we wanted to do something new and fun, do novelty would wear off quite quickly and we were at a point where we felt as if though we already did everything worth doing and there was just nothing new out there for us to try.

It was very easy to get started

We couldn’t have been more wrong! To get each other hot enough and horny enough to fuck like we used to again, we stumble into this website that had a lot of female pov porn. It was new and exciting, and it almost felt as if though we were watching another couple eat each other out right in front of us.

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Five jobs porn stars had before doing porn

Published October 12, 2017 by Mihail

Even though it’s hard to believe, no one was born a porn actor. The porn actresses do their jobs so well that most of the people have that impression. Despite their profitable jobs they have in porn industry, some of them had real jobs and real reasons to get into the porn business.

  1. Lisa Ann

One of the greatest porn stars of all times, Lisa Ann worked as a feature dancer (stripper) and as a talent agent before she got into the porn industry. What coerced her to get into the porn business was the fact that she needed more money. She always wanted to be a model but instead she ended up the highest ranked porn star of all times. Read the rest of this entry →

Felicia’s first lesbian sex

Published December 21, 2016 by Mario

I will tell you a story about a hot lesbian who got tired to hide her true identity from the ignorant society she lived in. Let’s call her Felicia. lesbian_sex_porn4youShe was so bored to watch lesbians having sex and her tight pussy was too used with sex toys, it was craving for a tongue lick and some soft fingers deep inside it. Just the idea of having hot sex with a woman was making her so horny and wet.

Her best girlfriend Brianna dropped by her place and even though she was hiding the fact that she was a lesbian from her, anyone could feel some sexual tension between them. Felicia dropped some papers on the floor and they both bent down to grab them and in that magic moment, their hands became in contact in a way that no words can describe. In that moment both of them accepted what they feel for each other and Felicia made the first move. They stood up and in the same time Felicia’s lips touched Brianna’s lips and it felt like the time was freezing. They were getting so hot while they were making up with passion and their pussies got all wet. Read the rest of this entry →

A hot story…

Published September 19, 2012 by Mario

Lesbian…every one knows that comunity don`t accept this orientation of womans to well. But despite the facts they live wonderful lifes and moments.

I have for you a hot story about a wild sex roud between a couple of lesbian so forget the porn videos for now and use your imagination:

As I sneak into your room I find you sitting at you vanity brushing your hair, you are only wearing your Bra and Panties with a Garter Belt and Stockings, thinking that I would be visiting you tonight you chose my favorite set. You have always enjoyed the feeling of the brush on your hair so much, your eyes are closed in pleasure. I step forward to you, and grab you from behind, covering your mouth so you cannot scream. I look at you in the mirror eyes wide in terror, whispering in your ear I tell you to stand up and move to your bed, I can hear you whimper behind my hand and I smile enjoying the knowledge that in a few short minutes you will be screaming in a mixture of pain and pleasure. As we reach the foot of your bed I place a ball gag into your mouth and fasten it onto you head and I tie your hands to the bed with you still standing, but, face down on the bed so that your perfect ass is in the air. Now is when I have to decide how I am going to take you. As I look around your room I see you left out some of the object that you hoped that I would fuck you with tonight, I see a very large strap on dildo, two sets of nipple clamps, and a large set of anal beads. Standing there looking at your waiting backside i decide to start with the anal beads, I start inserting them in one by one until they are all inside of your ass, from there I will take the nipple clips and attach one set to your nipples and then from there I will take the second set and attach one clamp to the middle of the chain and then after I open your pussy lips I will take the second clamp and attach it to your clit. Now I am left with the strap-on I take my time putting it on all the while using one of my hands to stroke you wet pussy. Read the rest of this entry →